Affordable Business Continuity for Main

More than 72% of businesses do not have an external disaster recovery plan. This High Availability Emergency Failover Website can act as your Secondary IP,  should your current site be down. This Emergency Failover Website would serve vital emergency information including: FAQs, Contacts, Videos, Local Resources and can also collect and route incoming inquiries during downtime. 

Emergency Failover Website for: Main

This path would be used as your Secondary (or failover) IPhttp://www.emergencyfailover.com/Main/home.aspx

EmergencyFailover.com by Emergency Preparedness are annual subscription services that provide comprehensive, proactive approaches to business continuity. These cost-effective services offer an array of proven disaster preparedness and recovery solutions that employ the latest technologies, most current software versions, and industry best practices.
The services ensure that you have the tools to be ready for emergencies. Emergency Failover Services provide ongoing testing and reporting, which include a semi-annual continuity report and an annual failover recertification. It also includes future updates and enhancements to these products. For those needing assistance building their disaster recovery plans, Emergency Failover offers full continuity planning to build and test an effective, customized disaster recovery plan for your organization.

What It Does
Helps ensure disaster preparedness and business continuity.
Expedites disaster response and recovery.
Supports compliance with related regulatory requirements.
Significantly reduces the impact of temporary business interruptions and catastrophic disasters to both operations and members.
Provides cost-effective, pay-as-you-go services.
Provides peace-of-mind, knowing that you have data backup and system recovery in place.
Facilitates successful completion of compliance audits. Offers the benefit of Emergency Preparedness expertise in IT, recovery, and continuity.
Enables you to maintain member trust regarding post-disaster operations and security.

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