An Emergency Failover Website

Emergencies are as unpredictable as they are frequent.  Organizations are no longer wondering if they’ll experience a disaster they are now mitigating risk from the next emergency. Whether you choose to or have to, gives you an alternative path to immediately triage all incoming site inquiries. You need an Emergency Failover site which is located in a High Availability Cloud, outside of your internal network. In this way, you will always be up and available to your employees and clients. In addition we can provide COVID-19 Online Waiver Forms, Online COVID-19 Training, and Temperature Sensor Kiosks.

Affordable Business Continuity for Main
This path would used as your Secondary IP Address:

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The State of Global Disaster Recovery (2019) Annual Report revealed some disturbing survey results regarding organizational readiness:

1.) More than 72% of the respondents said they don’t have a fully documented DR plan.
2.) Of those with a DR Plan, 68% have never fully tested the availability of their Failover
3.) Most companies in the survey had experienced downtime of critical applications – ranging from hours to weeks
4.) One in four had lost entire datacenters for hours, to days
5.) 70% of those surveyed had experience losses due to outages over the previous year ranging from just a few thousand to millions of dollars lost
6.) Disaster preparation requires proactive actions

How Does It Work? DRaaS delivers immediate failover support as it is awaiting the non responsiveness of your site.  The clouds are located in datacenters hosted by Rackspace, one of the most respected operators in the industry.  This Cloud allow you to rest assured knowing that there is a promise of 99.99% availability.  The computing platform extends the focus on availability utilizing redundant power, network and management technologies as well as the highest quality hardware available in the industry to ensure your recovery site is always ready to take over and maintain your business computing needs. 

Your new address:  would be added as the secondary DNS or URL should yours be unavailable. This would be done wherever your URL is managed (likely Network Solutions, or GoDaddy) but with any registrar of your URL or website. Once this is completed we will setup a a weekly report to be delivered to your team to verify constant availability.  Operations sets up each company’s specific solution with recovery technology that automates failover and failback operations that allow administrators to create jobs to manage the recovery process for multiple host machines for rapid recovery of files, databases, systems, and entire sites.  We can achieve this by mapping servers, applications, storage, and failover procedures from source sites to recovery sites, and automating the logistics involved in resuming business operations at the recovery site.  These processes mean that you don’t need the skills or expertise to build a reliable disaster recovery solution. Full cloud recovery solutions are not covered under the initial monthly fee, and will be quoted separately. by Emergency Preparedness are annual subscription services that provide comprehensive, proactive approaches to business continuity. These cost-effective services offer an array of proven disaster preparedness and recovery solutions that employ the latest technologies, most current software versions, and industry best practices.
The services ensure that you have the tools to be ready for emergencies. Emergency Failover Services provide ongoing testing and reporting, which include a semi-annual continuity report and an annual failover recertification. It also includes future updates and enhancements to these products. For those needing assistance building their disaster recovery plans, Emergency Failover offers full continuity planning to build and test an effective, customized disaster recovery plan for your organization.

What It Does
Helps ensure disaster preparedness and business continuity.
Expedites disaster response and recovery.
Supports compliance with related regulatory requirements.
Significantly reduces the impact of temporary business interruptions and catastrophic disasters to both operations and members.
Provides cost-effective, pay-as-you-go services.
Provides peace-of-mind, knowing that you have data backup and system recovery in place.
Facilitates successful completion of compliance audits. Offers the benefit of Emergency Preparedness expertise in IT, recovery, and continuity.
Enables you to maintain member trust regarding post-disaster operations and security.

Why does Main need Managed Disaster Recovery?

Simplicity:  Disaster Receovery configuration and support has to be simple to be successful.  We provide a simple, cloud based secondary failover site with no set up.
Flexibility:  You get to choose where the primary (source) site is located, and may manage as may of your sites that are needed (each requires a separate service agreement)  
Affordable:  You can easily put an Emergency DR plan in place for a Low Monthly Fee to protect against any interuptions in the event your main site is down.

Reliability & Efficiency: Recovery sites are geographically dispersed to help ensure availability even if a disaster is widespread.  Tier 3 datacenter reliability features with redundant and highly available hardware ensures we meet our 99.99% SLA promise.  Constant  

Service Description DRaaS will automatically manage recovery point retention, helping customers to optimize their protection service and minimize costs. DRaaS can be used for recovery of servers located in a private, “On-Premise” datacenter (Off Cloud), or for customers with computing solutions already in the datacenter, or between datacenters (On Cloud).  DRaaS includes 24×7 support using the support ticketing system or phone support.

In the event of a situation that interrupts access to your primary computing platform services, will inherit this new site traffice, without you having to do anything (besides establish your address as your secondary IP or URL).  Once the recovery request is confirmed the will be awaiting any failure from your primary site, and routing traffic to it.

There are no limits on the amount of time the recovery site can be used as the “new” primary (temporary) website. The moment your primary website is back up, your traffic will return to that primary IP or URL immediately. You will not have to do anything to toggle or control this traffic.