This Site could act as your Secondary (Failover) IP

In this way, you will have external, cloud based coverage should Main's primary website (or intranet) be unavailable for whatever reason. This could be because of an emergency, or any internal technical difficulties you could be facing. Think of it as your Plan B or Plan C guaranteeing your employees and customers are always served.  Many disaster recovery plans depend on internal IT resources as failover, where we provide you a High Availability Cloud version which is always up.  In addition we can provide COVID-19 Online Waiver FormsOnline COVID-19 Training, and Temperature Sensor Kiosks.  Get Started Today!

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Main's Secondary IP Address:

This site can serve vital information which users need during an emergency. This could include FAQs, who to contact, or provide special instructions around your hours of operation. Our Emergency Failover Contact Form can also collect any inquiries and route them to you during these periods; making sure no attempted contacts are lost. You can easily manage your emergency information using the Console.  
Affordable Business Continuity for Main
EmergencyFailover provides Main with cost effective business continuity. For as little as $495.00 per monthIt ensures your business will always be accessible even during an emergency by providing a live website containing your emergency contact information, links to other resources and even your aggregate social media outlets and activity. In this way, should your site ever go down (including your backups) your emergency failover site will always be there to serve your users.

This can be implemented today!

Since we have already created this site for you, you could activate a disaster recovery plan today.  DNS failover helps websites or network services remain accessible in the event of outage. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the protocol used to translate human readable hostnames into IP addresses. By providing two or more IP address in a DNS record, each IP representing an identical server, you can move traffic from a failing server to a live, redundant server.