Easily Manage Emergency Related Content

EmergencyFailover allows Main to customize the emergency guidance you offer to your users. This can include anything you want including: contacts, news, events, videos, emergency broadcast instructions, frequently asked questions, links to you social media and local resources. Preparing for any emergency is best way to make sure you do not lose valuable communication with your members. When users need information, during an emergency, their frustration levels are at the highest, and likely there will be no way to intelligently triage incoming requests without this first line of defense. 

Once you have activated your Emergency Failover URL, you will be provided with access to your Emergency Console, in which to customize your landing page and messaging. Here you can provide specific instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency, including vital contact numbers, emails, faqs, and links to your social media accounts.  In addition we can provide COVID-19 Online Waiver FormsOnline COVID-19 Training, and Temperature Sensor Kiosks

Emergency Failover Access (for Registered Members) 

Emergency Failover (Easy to Use) Content Authoring 

This easy-to-use web based console allows you to manage your Emergency Messaging and Content. Once you have signed up for the service, you will be provided with a username and password to log in and start managing your emergency content. Within the console, you can manage Frequently Asked Questions, Contacts, Videos, and even manage the routing of your Emergency Contact Form to make sure you never lose any inquiry while your Primary Site is down. There is no software or plug in required and this content can be managed from any device (including your mobile device, iphone, or from any browser).