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What are the Costs?

Emergency Preparedness Products & Services for Main
Emergency Failover Website (Secondary IP): http://www.emergencyfailover.com/Main/home.aspx

 Service or Product  Description Monthly  Annual 
 Emergency Failover Website  HA (High Availability) Cloud - DRAAS- Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)  $495.00/URL  $5,940.00/URL
 Content Management Dashboard  Emergency Content Management Dashboard (Allow for custom authoring/messages)  Included Included 
 Real-Time Monitoring/Reporting  Real time reporting & Emailed Reports showing Uptime, Availability & Usage   Included Included  
(Optional) Integrated Local News Feeds Integrated newsfeeds for local emergency instructions  (Per URL)  $17.00 (Optional)  $204.00 (Optional)
(Optional) Social Media Reporting  Integrated Social Media Feeds - Per Outlet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  $100.00 (Optional)  TBD (Optional)
(Optional) Emergency Contact Form Emergency Contact Form (including routing, and collection) of all activity during emergency  (Per URL)  $45.00 (Optional)  $540.00 (Optional)
(Optional) Monthly Activity Reports Activity Reporting delivered via email to show availability, Uptime & Traffic (Per URL)  $11.00 (Optional) $132.00 (Optional)
(Optional) URL/IP Masking  This will enable you to customize the URL Path which is shown during Failover  $20.00 (Optional)  $240.00 (Optional)
(Optional) HTML Site Mirroring/Replication  HTML Replication of your Current Site (and non D/B related functions)  $250.00 (Optional) $3,000.00  (Optional)
(Optional) D/B or File Mirror or Backup  Scheduled Replication of Files or Database  $10/MB (Optional)  TBD (Optional)
(Optional) Custom Site Design  Custom CSS (or Design) for a unique Emergency Failover design  $125.00/hr (Optional)  $125.00/hr (Optional)
(Optional) Online COVID-19 Training  Online COVID-19 Online Education, Compliance & Certification  $25.00/User/Mo. 1 Year Committment 
(Optional) Online COVID-19 Digital Waivers  Online COVID-19 Online Waiver Form (eSignature, Reporting & Email Forwarding of Docs)  $525.00/Mo/Form 1 Year Committment 
 ThermalScanV7  ThermalScan Kiosk (Allow 4-6 weeks delivery) - Click for details  $795.00/mo.   36 mos. lease

Click here to learn more about Why you need itHow it worksHow Emergency Content is ManagedWhat it costs, and How to Get Started.  In addition we can provide COVID-19 Online Waiver FormsOnline COVID-19 Training, and Temperature Sensor Kiosks

Get Started!

- All fees quoted are in US Dollars ($)
- Service is billed monthly (First & Last Monthly payment required on activation). 
- Annual Prepayment discount available (7%),
- Multiple Year Agreement Discount available (5%)
- Credit Card billing accepted (but is subject to a 5% processing fee)