Temperature Sensor Kiosks

The ThemalScan V7 represents an affordable solution to scan the temperature quickly for all of your visitors. This kiosk is easy to install and provide audible warnings for both clearance and alams for temperatures which exceed the range of normalcy. These scans can also be integrated with your existing systems to record all as they enter your facilities. Please find pricing here on the ThermalScanV7 here. In addition to alarms for non-compliant temperatures, calls, emails and text may be triggered to assigned administrators or groups to alert them of entry by any individual whose temperature is abnormal. For more infomration please email us today.

The ThemalScanV7 will protect your business and your employees. 

Businesses are required to provide reasonable protections for their workers. Thermal Scanning is a critical component of demonstrating to your customers, local, state and government agencies that your business is taking reasonable protection measures. ThemalScanV7 contains Medical Grade FLIR sensors which are highly accurate. The ThemalScanV7 solution is the most functional and robust COVID-19 Thermal Scanning Solution for your business.

Did you know a handheld (thermopile) forehead thermometer reading is highly inaccurate and records only one position on an individual’s face? 

ThemalScanV7 uses a Thermal Camera which examines 5,000 testing points.  ThemalScanV7 Thermal Cam is exponentially more accurate and can be used at distances from 3, 3.3 to 4 feet. ThemalScanV7 is faster, more accurate and less intrusive.  Additionally, ThemalScanV7 does not require a trained individual to record each individual’s temperature. 

ThemalScanV7: Safe, Quick, Accurate and Easy to use.  Accurate to within  ±0.3°~ ±0.5°C.  

Audio and Visual Instructions on the Screen.
Voice Command and Control.
Video Call & Workflow when a User’s Temperature Exceeds assigned Threshold.
No Touch Automated Software Upgrades as Laws & Regulatory Compliance Rules Change.
Analytics and Reporting to demonstrate Regulatory Compliance. 
Virtual Receptionist and Automated Workflow and Escalation